About Us

Our Philosophy

One of the goals of Moonshine Acres is to create an environment that demonstrates sustainability. We begin with the care of the land on which we grow our food and the feed for the animals that we raise. We practice ways to recycle and use all of the elements that a self sustaining farm produces.

Grass-fed beef and goats, naturally raised pork, and delicious produce are our specialty. Our animals are rotationally grazed thereby assuring the health of the land and the animals.

Sunsets enjoyed on the front porch with a glass of lemonade are a celebration of life on the farm. Come join us on a farm tour!

Why eat pasture raised / grass-fed meat?

Our meat is raised using the principals of biodiversity, or as we like to describe it "from weed to feed". The animals graze on diverse pastures, consuming a blend of grasses, herbs,& prairie plants while taking in the sun's energy to produce lean, flavorful meat.

Our animals are raised without the use of growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. During the winter, small amounts of non-GMO grain are added to the steers' diet to increase marbling in the meat and to maintain a favorable CLA and Omega 3 profile while the animal is consuming dry forage.

Current studies suggest that grass-fed beef is rich in Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Conjugated linoleic acid is: anti-carcinogenic, reduces body fat, anti-diabetic, and anti-arteriosclerosis (heart disease).

Further, naturally raised grass-fed beef may have 300 percent more Vitamin C, 75 percent more Omega 3 fatty acids, 78 percent more Beta Carotene and 400 percent more Vitamin A than conventionally raised feedlot beef.

Grass-fed beef is lower in fat and higher in protein. Overall, the fat content of grass-fed beef is similar to chicken.

Top Reasons to Buy Local!

More heart From Our Customers

Had hamburgers for dinner last night- mmm! Thanks for what you do to keep my family healthy and happy!

We were pleased with the quality of meat last year and look forward to many hardy and healthy meals this year.

I refuse to eat steak in restaurants anymore. I am always disappointed. I prefer to stay home and eat the steaks I buy from you!

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Moonstar Soaps & Lotions

MoonStar Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions are creative additions to our products, made with the milk from our own goats.

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