Farm Tours

Educational Farm Tours

You are invited to take advantage of an exciting and unique field trip for your students. MoonStar Farm is a working farm located on 77 acres in southeastern WI. Our farm tours offer a mix of fun, history, agriculture, and outdoor activity; making a visit to the farm a perfect out of classroom learning experience for any age.

Tours are approximately 90 minutes in length and content depends on age and interest level of the students

Farm Tour for Grades K-5

Each tour consists of story time, interactive theme activity, a pony ride and a group picture. Shopping is available at Hank's Shed. A group picture is an option.


Seasons of the farm- Explanation of the four seasons and what occurs on the farm during each.

Dairy- Explore milking an animal and what is involved in the process. Cheese making.

Food Sources- Where does food come from? Meat, dairy, eggs, produce.

Farm Tour for Grades 6-8

Discussion of chosen theme, interactive theme activity/demonstration and optional group picture. Shopping available at Hank's Shed.


Composting- Making good soil, what makes compost.

Food Sources- Where our food comes from and how it differs throughout the country.

Garden Walk- Learn how vegetables are grown naturally. Herbs you eat.

Dairy- Observe how animals are milked and how the process works. Cheese making.

Diversified Farming- What purpose does each farm animal serve? Even dogs and cats. How do things work together?

Grazing- The benefits of rotational practices to animals, soil, and plants.


COST: $10.00 per student and staff member/chaparone


Caryn Bub-Standal M.S., LMFT, LCSW

Program Director

The MoonStar Farm Family