Typically a quarter beef takes up 2 shelves in an upright freezer or will fill a top freezer on a refrigerator.

Yes, you just need to decide what you would like and let us know!

A "quarter" is actually a "split half" which means that the cuts from a 1/2 of a steer are mixed equally to obtain 2 equal quarters.

Yes, we do not use just the trimmings for our ground beef.

We get our meat processed at Sorg's Quality Meats in Darien, WI.

The chickens are processed at Twin Cities Pack in Clinton, WI.

Our goats are processed at Pinn-Oak Ridge Farm in Delavan, WI.

Chickens can be cut in halves, quarters or six pieces for an extra processing fee. If you desire your chickens to be cut up you must request it in your chicken order.

Yes, we sell goats for pets or breeding stock.

Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after the hide, organs, and extremities have been removed.