Farm Tours


One of the goals of MoonStar Farm is to create an environment that demonstrates sustainability. We begin with the care of the land on which we grow our food and the feed for the animals we raise. We practice ways to recycle and use all of the elements that a self-sustaining farm produces.

Another of our goals is to share what we have learned, and continue to learn, about growing our own produce and raising our own animals to provide nutritious food for our family and our community.

A third goal we strive to reach is encouraging others to learn the benefits of eating locally and seasonally.

About the Tours

Generally tours run between 30 and 90 minutes. Some of the opportunities available for participants are:

Garden Tour

Walk the gardens with a guide and see how various vegetables are grown. Learn the challenges of growing naturally.

Pasture Walk

Visit the cattle and goats in their summer home and learn how we rotationally graze our animals on our biodiverse pastures.

Mixed Species Grazing

Compatibility is important in all communities. Watch the community of critters that pasture together from the largest steer to the tiniest goat.

Visit Hanks Shed

Take this opportunity to buy the quality products at MoonStar Farm. Goat milk soap and lotion, local art, honey, fresh produce and herbs, beef, chevon, and chicken. What a delight!


Adults: $10.00

Children: $10.00, age 2 & unders are free.

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kids on hay wagon
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